What is women’s sexuality like? On responsiveness and phasic desire….

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Dear men, you probably often meet women who have no desire for sex, or at least less desire than you.

Ladies, you probably often come across men who have the urge for sex practically always, or at least more often than you do.

I have wondered for a long time where this relationship comes from and what it indicates. Why is it that men have a greater desire and need for physical intercourse than the fairer sex?

To be able to explain this phenomenon, it is necessary to take a closer look at the structure of how each sex functions. Here we will focus on women because it is not the desire for sex that is more powerful in the negative senses of the word.

First of all… Female desire is phasic.

And what exactly does this mean?

A woman experiences different moments during her life, ranging from positive and happy ones to crises and hormonal upsets.

There is nothing strange about this because we are the ones who have our periods. We are the ones who give birth to children. We are the ones going through menopause. We are the ones who, at our request, have been stuffing ourselves for years with contraceptive hormones. We are the sensitive ones. It is the same with sex and the desire for it.

It all depends on what period of life we are in. A woman may be in a different stage of desire to have a pre-teen child versus a teenage child. Whether she feels comfortable and free affects her desire.

Focus also affects her phase of desire.

However, it is important to emphasize that these considerations do not apply to every woman.

And when it comes to men?

The situation is different. For a man, all he needs is visual or tactile stimulation. During this, he will become emotionally aroused and an erection will occur.

Responsiveness versus spontaneity or… How does it relate to sex?

To be able to illustrate this phenomenon accurately, let me give examples:


“You are watching a film together. Your guy starts to gently touch your leg without specific intentions. Suddenly, he stops and hugs you tightly while focusing on that film. You feel yourself starting to crave sex even though you weren’t thinking about it or focusing on it.”


“I think in my head that I feel like having sex”.

Think about it: Does this tendency work for me too?

Remember that sex is the best and most necessary thing in the world. Recall the times when you both had it and what your relationship was like then. Sex is the element that binds people together and doesn’t harm anyone, quite the opposite.

Did you know that a lack of sexual satisfaction is the reason why relationships break up?

Let’s not let our relationships fade away and become the ones you never wanted to have.

Aneta Sznicer

Aneta Sznicer

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