What if I had money?

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Option number 1


You have a family and a great job. Not only developing and pushing, but also highly paid. You work a standard 8 hours a day, and then you satisfy further whims. You have a family tradition that focuses on eating together: every day from Monday to Friday, not including weekends, you eat a different cuisine. And what does that mean? On Monday sushi, Tuesday burrito, Wednesday shrimp and seafood, Thursday Chinese and Friday Polish cuisine. On weekends you always go to restaurants for lunches to try and eat something new, not familiar to you. Your children are extremely pleased that at least twice a week the whole family goes to the attractions you choose. You, yourself, are enrolled in a ballroom dance course that you and your wife attend once a week. In addition, you learn two languages: English and Spanish. On holiday, you visit many different parts of the world. Last year you were in Japan and the year before in India. During the school year you also go on short trips for a few days. There is no monotony or boredom in you.











Option number 2


You have a big family: two sons and a daughter. You work in a shop so some weekends you’re at work. Your loved ones complain that you don’t give them enough time. Your wife takes care of the children and the house. She cooks, feathers, cleans. Every time you come back from work, dinner is readt and waiting for you. These aren’t exquisite and varied meals because you’re the only one working so there’s not much money. When you have time off, you take your kids to the park and spend your free time together. Sometimes you also happen to go to the movies or skate. The truth is that your exits are limited by financial constraints. You and your wife know how much it costs, how much the prices have gone up. Now, to go to the cinema with 5 people you have to spend about 200 PLN, and you work two days to earn that much. Your wife would like to help you but the children are still too small and need proper care, constant care. You go on holiday once a year, usually to the mountains. Usually it is a weekly rest. To be honest, your life is colourless.





What is the fundamental difference between the first and second description?

The money.




Very often I am told that money is not important in life. So let’s think about it together, what benefits does money give us? It’s very simple, maybe I can use examples that reach me personally:





Do you want to eat healthy food with variety? You do that.

You want to go to the cinema, theatre, museum, exhibition? You’re doing it.

Do you want to explore the world and learn about new cultures? You’re doing it.

You want to relax and forget about your everyday problems? You’re doing it.





And now, the most important example that reflects the importance of having money. Imagine a situation in which you are sick, or someone in your family is sick and needs treatment. Each of us is aware of what kind of medicine has become expensive and what costs of treatment we are burdened with to cure the sick person. Here the money is necessary. I think that each of us has seen on various money collection portals, for people in need who suddenly got sick and it was money that saved lives.









Think about this question:

What would happen if you had a lot of money?









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