The habits of rich people: Are yours similar?

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Everyone has certain habits that they apply throughout their lives and identify themselves with them.



They are not constant, because they can transform and change radically at any time. 40% of the activities we do depend on our habits. Thomas C. Corley is a well-known author of many books. We will turn and take a closer look at just one of them, concerning the satisfaction of life related to material status, namely “Can money buy happiness?”. The author has studied the lives of rich and poor people for 5 years in order to be able to present the differences in thinking of each group. Do you want to find out which habits apply to you? Do you want to know which group you belong to?







So let’s get started…






1. No gambling:


There is no quick multiplication of money. To get rich you need time, consistency and effort. 52% of poor people, at least once a week, do sports betting and 77% play the lottery. Rich people act completely different. They do not count on luck, but are aware of the fact that action and work brings results and increases wealth, which is underlined by the statistic that 94% of rich people have never played the lottery.






2. Book after book:


Reading is an activity that helps and develops every person. Unfortunately, not everyone does it. Rather than reaching for an interesting book in the evening or a good article, a large part of us prefers to watch the TV. It’s different for rich people because 88% of them spend at least 30 minutes a day reading. Their main idea is to improve themselves by acquiring new knowledge every day.




And what do the rich read?

94% – current events

79%- career topics

58%- biographies of successful people

55% – the subject of personal development

51% – historical areas.






3. Less TV and Internet:


How much time do you spend in front of your TV, computer and cell phone monitor every day? How would you sum up this time in a week? How many hours of your precious time have been wasted? That’s what rich people don’t do. Successful people respect their time and use it in other ways. They spend it on personal development, extra work, hobbies and their own business.






4. Control of emotions:


94% of wealthy people can control and hold back their emotions. They adhere to the principle of “less is more”, which has a positive impact on their communication with others and understanding. I don’t know if you know, but talkativeness is a 69% habit of people struggling financially and a feature that largely defines and inhibits them is fear. Fear that reduces action and self-confidence.






5. Let’s allow for some criticism:


“The search for criticism is a key element for learning and development” -He’s passing on Corley in his book. The words of criticism allow us to take a new perspective on our actions and to provide feedback that can contribute to our self-improvement and development. On the other hand, the ability to accept words of criticism towards us enriches us and increases our confidence.






6. Healthy eating:


“You are what you eat.” You know the saying for sure, and you may or may not agree with it. It seems to me that people who focus on their meals, which are important in life, will agree with this saying unquestionably. Corley’s research found that 97% of poor people ate 3000 calories in junk food at least several times a week. Rich people eat differently. For them, health and the appearance associated with it is very important, so they value healthy and high quality products.






7. “Myyy headddd… is…. sssspinnnnnning”, i.e. excess alcohol!:


Have you noticed the tendency of people to drink too much alcohol? As many as 54% of the poor people who were examined by Corley drank more than two beers or two glasses of wine a day. Alcohol is not conducive to physical activity, which means that poor people also exercise less. Excessive drinking negatively affects thinking, memory and general appearance, hence it is often said that the wealthy are more well-groomed as a result of not regularly drinking alcohol.






8. Think positive:


Rich people aren’t pessimists. Through hard work and regularity they believe that everything they dream of is possible. Thanks to this attitude, they can transmute negative thoughts into positive ones. Most people don’t think at all about their attitude to the world and other people, and when they focus on this aspect and become aware of their thoughts, they may realise that their thoughts are primarily negative. The most important thing, however, is to discover them and to be aware of them; this is the key.






9. Exiting the comfort zone:


Rich people find comfort in situations of uncertainty while poor feel seek comfort in friendly environments. We must be aware that following wealth involves taking risks. You can lose, but you can also gain. Most people, through fear, are limited to taking such a strategy and usually stop without becoming rich.






10. I know what I am aiming for:


Identifying your preferences and possibilities helps you to set short and long term goals. Rich people usually have them specified and during their lives they strive to achieve them by setting new goals. Each long-term goal is a plan that focuses on combining all the small goals into manageable habits. The motivation to act in these aspects is to do what we want and to devote a lot of time to this area. Poor people function differently. They usually work because they have to, in a job they do not like. Making an unsatisfactory amount of money.











You have already learned the habits of rich people.

Now is the time to think about yourself.

Do you count yourself among the rich?

No matter how much money you have at the moment.

It’s about the very essence of habits that translate into a later tendency to have or not have money.

Let us all become healthy, motivated and rich.









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