The cycle: I take care of my health (PART 4)

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You have made it to the last and most practical part of the series: I take care of my health!

It is not enough to read theoretical knowledge to get results. This is the case with literally everything in our lives, practice is the key to success. At the very beginning, I ask you to fill in the form below. Its purpose is to measure your level of health at this point in time. At the very end of the cycle, when you have a training plan and a meal schedule established – you will examine your health level again. Of course, after time, after you have put your new eating and activity habits into practice. In the previous sections, you encountered several exercises. I will ask you to continue them if you feel they improve the quality of your health!

Task: I make a workout plan

Take a large sheet of paper and write out your entire workout schedule in detail! If you write these things down on a piece of paper – there’s a much better chance you’ll do them regularly. Such is the magic of note-taking!

Identify days when you have 1.5/2 hours of free time. It’s enough if you find two, a maximum of three such days a week. It is best if they are not in a row, but at equal intervals

(This could be for example: – Monday, Wednesday, Friday; -Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, etc.).

Set specific times when you can exercise regularly. Remember to keep at least two hours apart before going to sleep! This is very important so that your body is not stimulated and can relax peacefully before going to sleep.

You already have the days and hours. Now it’s time to divide the time into the different exercises, and parts of the workout.

  • Warm-up (should last +/- 15 minutes. During the warm-up, do exercises that will stimulate your body to continue.

You can warm up together:

  • proper training ( 45 minutes. During proper training, you focus on building muscle or burning fat. Choose specific areas of the body you care about and do the exercises. You can choose different areas each day. For example Monday = buttocks and legs; Wednesday= abdomen and waist; Friday= arms and back.




  • stretching combined with elements of yoga and Pilates (30 minutes. This is the last part of the workout dedicated to stretching your muscles and strengthening them. These exercises will improve your posture and slenderize your figure. You will also feel lighter and freer, especially if you work at a desk!!!

Try out our exercises:

Task: I make a meal schedule

Same as for the workout plan: take a big sheet of paper and write out your meals!

Divide the card into 7 equal columns and write down the days of the week in each column in turn. Think about your daily schedule, i.e. what time you usually get up and what time you go to bed.
Drink a glass of water immediately after waking up. Ideally, it should be lukewarm water with lemon, but if you do not have the time or conditions to prepare it, plain water will do. Do not eat breakfast until half an hour after waking up.

NB: Breakfast is the most important meal of your day! It is what gives you energy for the morning hours! Never skip this meal, even if you are not used to it. In the beginning, it can be a problem, but later on, when this meal becomes your daily routine, it will be enjoyable!

Don’t take more than 3 hours between meals.

A few hours after breakfast (before lunch) you may decide to have a small snack.

Remember never to make your body hungry!

This is the worst thing you can do to it. After a snack when you feel hungry, you can move on to lunch. You will sense the right moment yourself. The same goes for dinner.

Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables!

Try to eat dark bread.

Limit your intake of sugars, particularly in drinks.
Optimal for mineral water (preferably highly mineralized) – 2l of pure water a day.

Eat your last meal 3 hours before bedtime. You will then fall asleep not only better, but also with an empty stomach, and your body will not have to expend unnecessary energy on digestion. You will wake up much more sleepy!

In the previous part of the series, there were sleep assignments. I ask you to continue with exercise no.2 from the third part of the cycle while following your training and nutrition plan.

Content of exercise no.2 from the third part of the cycle:

Every morning, upon waking up, reflect and write down on a piece of paper 3 factors that have positively influenced your sleep. In addition, underneath the factors, evaluate the quality of your sleep, referring to a scale of 1-5. (1- lowest score, 5- highest).

Follow all recommendations and tasks from this section for at least 2 weeks. After this time, come back to us and measure your health level again! See if your score has improved and how your own schedules affect you!

Thank you so much for traveling this long and fascinating road with us! I hope you have gained a collection of useful knowledge and some practice here! If you have people who are struggling with health problems – help them and offer them the opportunity to improve their health together

with Mood&read!

To obtain a certificate for completing the series:

Go to the “contact” tab
Fill in your contact information.
In the subject line, write “Diploma – Cycle: I take care of my health”.
In an attachment, add files or photos of the tasks you have completed – we need to have confirmation that you have completed them in order to issue a certificate!
Up to a week, after you send your message, we will email you a certificate of completion of the cycle!

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