The cycle: I take care of my health (PART 1)

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If you would like to wake up every day with energy and vigor for life then take a look at the following principles and try to implement them into your life as soon as possible. Give yourself time. You won’t feel the change after one day but I guarantee that you will feel much stronger with each passing day.

Recipe for feeling good every day:

5 meals a day + a glass of water on an empty stomach

No matter what time you get up, it is very important to drink one glass of water with lemon immediately after waking up. This improves the circulation of our body, gives us energy, and causes the body to cleanse. In addition, it speeds up metabolism, so that your first meal will be digested faster.

Metabolism is anabolism and catabolism.

This process involves extracting as many nutrients as possible from the foods you eat, which are absorbed into your body and improve your level of well-being and health. This is why it is worth helping our body and improving the quality of our metabolism as soon as we wake up.

30 minutes after drinking a glass of water, you can consume your first meal. Each meal should be enriched with an adequate dose of protein, carbohydrates, fats, and fiber.

RECOMMENDATION: It is best not to consume drinks during meals. It is better to do this after or before a meal.


Dietary protein intake ranges from 10-35% of energy (the discrepancy is based on individual human needs). The basic building blocks of our body are amino acids, the building blocks of proteins.

You will find the most protein in:

Legumes (beans, peas, broad beans, lentils, soya, tofu) – it is important to soak them before processing and cook them well, as they have a lot of anti-nutrients that should be removed by heat.

Fish (cod, flounder, pollock, salmon) – we do not need to fear the toxic effects of heavy metals with standard consumption.

Cereals – in addition to proteins, they are also a source of carbohydrates.

These can be divided into simple sugars and complex sugars. Simple sugars are fructose (found in fruit), glucose, and galactose (included in lactose, which is found in milk). You need to remember one thing. The characteristic of simple sugars is that our body digests them very quickly and draws energy from them, but for a very short time. Complex sugars are starch and glycogen (animal sugars). They last much longer in our bodies and therefore do not suffer from sudden drops in energy. An additional advantage of complex sugars is that they are a source of fiber!

You will find the most healthy carbohydrates in:

White and brown rice – it is worth noting that brown rice has significantly less fat, salt, and cholesterol than white rice. It also raises sugar levels in our bodies to a lesser extent.

Potatoes – are excellent for deacidifying the body, are low in calories, and are virtually fat-free. They have a lot of vitamin C and fiber in them.

Fruit – this is one way of getting rid of the habit of snacking on sweets. Fruit is not only healthy, but it is also sweet. They contain fructose, one of the simple sugars. They are rich in monosaccharides.

One gram of fat provides 9kcal. A distinction can be made between vegetable and animal fats. The general human requirement for fat is between 20-35% per day. We should not exceed the recommended amount because of the consequences in terms of overweight, increased cholesterol, or cardiovascular disease.

You will find the most healthy fats in:

Olive oil
Rape seed oil, linseed oil
Oily fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines)
Last meal 2/3 hours before bedtime!

It is a very important rule not to eat immediately before bedtime. Firstly, your body will not be able to digest the meal and it will be deposited as fat. Secondly, your energy levels through food will be much higher, hence you may have trouble falling asleep. Thirdly, a full stomach at bedtime may result in a more frequent nightmares.


  1. Start with antioxidants – substances that delay the body’s aging process, protect against dementia, and have a positive effect on memory.

You will find them in berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries), apricots, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, parsley, or spinach.

  1. Enrich your concentration by consuming zinc. Did you know that a lack of it causes sleepiness and fatigue?

Zinc can be found in beans, almonds, green peas, whole-grain bread, or mussels.

  1. Fuel your brain with folic acid. According to the latest research, folic acid can reduce late-life diseases. It’s a good idea to ensure adequate supplementation now.

You can find folic acid in spinach, beans, peas, and eggs.

Remember that proper nutrition is only one component of a healthy life.

The second part of the series will be about physical activity. You will find out how much sport you need per week and how its frequency floats your health. You will get a list of the healthiest physical exercises that you can do regularly without contraindications. We will also talk about meditation exercises based on breath control. You will learn how you can quickly relax and reduce stress. The second part of the series will make you realize how important physical activity is in life. You will also know how and with what frequency to exercise to improve your quality of life.

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