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You have a tough day ahead of you, or perhaps a speech you are stressing about. All situations that make your heart beat faster and make you more and more nervous cause “paralysis”. We stop thinking rationally and nothing works out for us as a result.

You can avoid this!

Stress relief task

Aim: To calm the body and return to normal functioning. Eliminating stress and tension and thus improving your mood!

Lie down or sit comfortably. Turn on the stopwatch for a minute or two. Close your eyes and try not to think about any worries, problems, or stressful situations. Ideally, you should focus on your breathing and your body. Listen to your inner self: how it works, how it breathes, and how it calms down during this time. Think only about how good it feels and how your body relaxes. Relax for this short time. After this time, take three large but calm inhalations and exhalations.

You can get back to your daily routine!

Do this exercise in any stressful situation, it will help you to relax and feel calm quickly!

Aneta Sznicer

Aneta Sznicer

Founder of Mood & Read, HR specialist, copywriter, marketer, and soon to be psychologist. I help people achieve their goals by teaching social skills. Personally, I love playing the piano, dancing and singing. Anything to do with music helps me to find myself in reality. If you listen carefully, you will be able to hear your emotions. If you are able to hear them, you will know yourself even better and stronger. Thank you for visiting my website. It is a pleasure to get to know you.

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