Role-shifting: male women and female men

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Have you noticed that these days there is quite a lot mentioned of role swapping?

And what does that actually mean?







Men and women have been categorised by gender for generations. They are said to have completely different responsibilities and are assigned different characteristics that define their personality.




Women are the gentle, subtle and sensitive ones.

Men are the brave, responsible and resolute ones.




. . .



But can these qualities still be attributed to gender? Or more to a single individual who is not determined by gender?


Let us think about family and the duties that have to be fulfilled in relation to it. There are children who require great sacrifice and time. 




On top of that, there is the question of earnings, because in order to be able to function healthily and fulfil themselves both as responsible parents and purely for entertainment, money is an essential factor.


This is where conflict arises because more and more women would like to be professionally successful. Now the question is how to reconcile these two main areas of life, i.e. raising a child and the possibility of working during the first few years when the child needs constant care. Some people will tell you to hire a nanny or give your children to the care of your grandparents while you’re at work. It seems to me that this is a misconception of raising children. A child, being small, needs a mother. The father, grandmother, grandfather or nanny are not able to replace the mother, and if they do, the child will not develop properly. And what is most important? You will not witness the child’s development and learning.




And what about the father? Shouldn’t the father be interested in the child in general? Of course he should, but someone has to work. And if, as I wrote earlier, a mother should spend most of her time with her little one, the father is put in a role that is profitable and satisfactory for him. Men have been keeping such a scheme in their heads for years and it suits them – the woman takes care of the house and the children, and he himself works on them. Of course, this cannot be taken for granted because people are different, and there will certainly be men who are not drawn to work and who prefer domestic duties. There are a minority of such guys, but I wouldn’t say that about the ladies. There are a large proportion of women who are dedicated to work and to professional success. There is nothing wrong with that until they decide to become a mother, which can be due to the rashness of their decisions.






You want to be successful?

You want to make a lot of money?

Do you want to travel the world and have fun?




That’s what these kids are for. People feel too much pressure from their environment to make wrong and ill-considered decisions, and a child is not a toy. A child requires time, dedication, energy and motivation to raise it. One priority in life has to be given, rejecting the others that are sidelined. If you can’t give up your career, your own pleasures and fun, you may not be mature enough to be a parent.




Think about it and remember that not every person has to have offspring.

Because it is not fun, but a huge responsibility.








Aneta Sznicer

Aneta Sznicer

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