New technologies in the recruitment and selection process

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The internet as a recruitment tool can be used in three ways:

  • as an advertising site posting job vacancies,
  • as an online data bank providing opportunities to search for candidates,
  • by companies posting job advertisements on their websites.

Recruitment websites have a database of candidates and make it available online. Placing their data is free of charge, while companies seeking employees usually pay a fee for such a service.

Unfortunately, the ease of communication and growing accessibility, resulting in an almost exponential increase in the number of offers and applications, complicates the use of the internet for recruitment purposes. This is because individual services constantly contain tens of thousands of current job offers at any one time.

The main advantage of using websites is to directly reach people who are actively looking for information about a given company, i.e. those who are dynamic, practical, and interested in a sector or field. Through the use of social media, it is possible to conduct background screening of candidates.

e-HRM systems often have a recruitment module that allows the creation of any recruitment template on the website, saving the time that the HR department has to spend on the recording of admissions. The program or application used segregates candidates according to individually defined criteria based on their applications, which speeds up the analysis of applications and the selection of the best candidates, who are then invited to the next stage of selection.

It is also a plus to be able to provide quick feedback to candidates, whether through the program or by e-mail.

Aneta Sznicer

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