Let’s talk about the male sex… what are men like and how do they categorise women?

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– “Nice rack” – said Kamil

– “Very nice,” – confirmed Marcin

“You don’t know her.” – added Jessica

– “So what?” – At the same time, Kamil and Martin said







Men are visionaries, and I don’t think anyone has any doubt about that.


A completely unknown woman is judged by them in terms of appearance and in most cases also qualified by it, and what exactly does that mean? It doesn’t matter if the girl is wise or stupid or shallow or respectful. Of course, I’m not talking here about the considerations of a potential candidate for a girl because in this case, this is very important.




I don’t know you (reader of this article) personally. Maybe some of you are men. Maybe some of you are women, I assume most of you are. I would like to ask men to think about what they are reading at the moment and internally assess whether my theory is true. I emphasise that it is not an accidental statement, but an analysis of conversations with different men, one older, one younger and both from different backgrounds.




 Men classify women based on two things:

– Potential partners

– Sex appeal




The first of the two groups is initially evaluated in terms of appearance, but this is not the most important. What counts here is character, personality, intelligence, sense of humour and other individual traits that are important for the individual guy. It’s about the right person in the right place, about matching both mentality and physicality, which comes down to a secondary issue. If you’re in a relationship, you should understand that your partner will, at times, pay attention to other women. He will always like them, and no matter what you do, you won’t change that because it’s his nature. Remember that you are the one who has been qualified as a potential partner and that you are the one he has feelings for, and every other pretty girl he meets on the road is an object of his “short-fascination”.




What about you, buddy?


Just you, have you ever wondered how your partner feels when you stare at another girl? Or do you think you’re invisibly looking at her? You have to remember: women have a better angle and they see everything. Even your innocent gaze cast on another in her presence is noticed, but perhaps ignored. Remember why you chose this “girl”: to form a relationship together and to gaze at her, not other women. Women need this, they need your passionate gaze. The gaze of desire.




Now the second group is sex appeal.


What do men really want from them and why don’t they pursue them? The answer to this question is trivially simple: they just don’t need it. What matters in this situation is the physicality itself, to be more precise and ostentatiously speaking, ass and boobs. This is about an attractive body combined with general sex appeal. And what if this girl turns out to be stupid and worthless? Now I’m going to explain to you women the important thing: this category is nothing to be worried about. You understand that. Like I said before, men are visionaries, and treating a woman in the second category is no more important.




I once heard some words that were spoken by a man and they gave me inspiration to write this article. Here’s what he said:




“A woman is forgiven much easier. You know, the look, the smile, the twist of the hip. That’s enough to make a guy soften up. The look is important because a pretty girl just wants to talk to you. It’s not about intelligence or life wisdom, it’s about sexuality and drive. Of course, I’m not talking about a relationship or a marriage, because that’s the key. I refer to an ordinary and innocent flirtation, when a man does not yet think about the future, but is simply driven by the attractiveness of the opposite sex. You won’t understand this because you’re a woman yourself. ”




To my surprise, I understood that very well.










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