I do a lot of things, but am I focused when I do them?

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Recently I went shopping and I was standing in a long queue to the checkout when I heard a girl talking to her father.



Her father accused her of wanting to do too many things in life, and therefore said she doesn’t focus on anything in depth. The daughter said in her appeal that this is her idea of happiness and prosperity. She spoke about the lack of monotony in her life and constant development in various areas. She mentioned dance classes, two works internships, nordic walking and participation in theatre workshops. Later she added that this is only a plan for her week because weekends are based on trips with her husband. At the end she added that she is happy and satisfied with her life. Her father grabbed hold of her head and said something that shocked and even irritated me.



I remember his words exactly, and they sounded like this:






“You’ll still understand. Don’t come to me in a few years time when you’re not getting along because you’ve taken too many things on your head. I have no idea how you can function like that. We’ll talk about it when you’re older.”






When I came home I thought about the situation for a long time and wondered what I would do if I heard something like that from my father. It’s hard for me to imagine it, but I certainly wouldn’t be as calm and composed as the woman in the shop. She was at that moment someone special, unique and setting a good example to people who think they do a lot because they work every day.






I forgot to add!


After her father’s final comment, I turned back and looked at these two people. The woman drew attention to me and I had a chance to tell her how I felt about the conversation she had heard earlier. I thought it would be a great opportunity and I said:




“I’m sorry to interfere, but I over-heard your conversation. I wanted to say that I admire your ambition and direction. I’m a person like you myself and I think that this attitude would help every person. What’s more, it would develop life and make it more interesting. I admire every person who does so much in life because I know that it is not easy and requires a lot of self-discipline. I admire you and wish you further development. And maybe you’ll understand.”





The woman smiled to me eloquently, and her father didn’t say a word.






Now think about how many people you know who do a lot?

And what does “a lot” mean?

I’d like to stress one more very important thing.






I would like to exclude here people who just say they do a lot because it makes a huge difference. Some time ago I was listening to a very interesting interview about a man who is very successful. While giving the interview, he talked about the duties he performs every day. There were an incredible number of them, and he didn’t mention a word about it. When the journalist said that he is doing an incredible amount, the man replied:




“Oh, no, I feel great. It seems to me that every man should have his own scale of judging how much he can do in a day. You see, it’s a lot for you, and still not enough for me…”












What are you doing?

You feel like you’re not using your time wisely?

Or do you feel like you’re loathing and cutting your wings off?

How many things were you supposed to do something and just put it off?

And how many things did you actually do?






You have a choice. At any given moment, your life can change dramatically, and you can develop like never before.






You hear that you can’t?

Do you hear that’s impossible?

Do you hear it’s gonna be hard?

Do you hear that you won’t have enough time?

Don’t listen. Start acting and using your time, and you’ll see if it’s the way these people talk. Start living, really living.






Aneta Sznicer

Aneta Sznicer

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