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Looking at the above emotions, try to categorize them as negative and positive. This is a fairly easy task. We will refer to it later.

I’ve been wondering why series are topping the viewing figures in recent times.

Why are more and more people using portals to watch series and getting caught up in the lives of fictional characters?

What are we missing in our own lives that we want to delve into and identify with the fate of the main series characters?

Before answering my thoughts, I would like to reflect on both serials and human life. A TV series is a parasite, having an immeasurably long list of episodes and showing different plots and stories depending on its genre. So why do some people prefer to watch detective stories, another part horror films, and another part romance? What drives people when choosing a screening?

The answer is very simple and probably known to everyone: EMOTIONS.

That’s why I asked for a breakdown of the negative and positive ones earlier.

Let’s consider most of the popular series. Let’s pay attention to the main division of the characters: there are the bad ones and the good ones, and we, the audience, identify with one of these groups.

Think about which group you choose about the series you have watched, and what emotions drive you in that choice.

This is quite an important question because this is how you will be able to answer what is missing in your life.

Now let me return to the questions I asked earlier. People’s lives are routine and largely focused on repetitive activities. Everyday life can deprive us of emotion and lead to a feeling of boredom, yet each of us would like to feel passion, joy, satisfaction, or pleasure.

Some people are attracted to feelings of fear and uncertainty.

Whatever emotions we are looking for – we see on our screens everything that we miss and long for so much.

And what do series do?

They move.

They touch people.

They provide him with what he is looking for.

Now let’s ask ourselves, is there anything wrong with that?

The answer is trivial: yes.

We begin to live the lives of the characters in our favorite series to such an extent that we forget about our own lives. The series that provide us with the emotions we are looking for actually smother them within us. They are only seemingly delivered because we do not experience them even though our imagination may be so.

We only see them on our television or computer screens.

We observe and react. It works on the principle of ‘action reaction’ and then we turn off the monitor and return to our reality. We think to ourselves “I wish/would like to have a life as they have in the TV series”. We start to think about how we function and instead of being motivated to act-it is quite the opposite. Demotivation follows.

Is it worth it?

I agree that while watching we can laugh, we can get emotional, and we can feel threatened and nervous, but one thing puzzles me:

Isn’t it better to feel all this in real life?

Aneta Sznicer

Aneta Sznicer

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