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Some time ago I talked to a girl who told me she wanted to be successful in a certain field. A moment later she added that she already has enough knowledge and doesn’t need any additional training or studies to work in this area. When I asked her why she hadn’t taken any step to achieve the goal she had set, she replied:









“I don’t have enough courage. I am afraid of people judging me and I know that this is just my passion so I am not good enough. I wouldn’t want to work in this area because I would feel too much pressure.”




Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

You see the discrepancy here?

You think this person has enough knowledge, but not good enough?

How can such a correlation exist at all?

And the pressure?

You see the inconsistency here?

I can see it, and it’s huge.




First of all, we need to be aware that whatever we want to do on a larger scale, more professionally, requires development. We won’t achieve anything in a week or two. We need years, years of work, years of focus and years of perseverance in pursuing and developing. Secondly, the pressure that we can feel at the very beginning is part and parcel of self-denial and motivation in action. If we start to take steps forward and focus on ourselves, pressure will begin to be our driving force. The better we are, the less negative the pressure will become on us. I would like to stress: This is always the case!




Now, the assessment of other people.

Do you handle being judged?

Do you like to judge others?




Every one of us does it in some form. Through human nature, it is a common occurrence to judge others and to feel judged ourselves. It doesn’t have to be a critical opinion – everything depends on us and our approach. I will tell you only one thing, sometimes it is better to be judged negatively than not to be judged at all because it involves being neutral for others. Being neutral, on the other hand, causes no emotion. It does not matter whether it is positive or negative emotions. A very important part of our life is to show emotions and to evoke them in others.






Let’s recognise our uniqueness. Let us not be afraid to say what we think and let us not be afraid to judge. Let us act in such a way as to move, laugh, calm or annoy. Let us communicate our emotions to other people so that they can feel them together with us. Let us show others that we are alive.





Aneta Sznicer

Aneta Sznicer

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