Challenges in recruitment: do they apply to you?

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Increasing competition, declining unemployment, and the emigration of professionals are making recruitment an increasingly difficult process and the use of a professional HR service is almost a necessity. Challenges facing recruiters include:

“Generation Z” is entering the job market

A generation described as online, for whom new technologies are the main working tools. Recruiters need to open up to new ways of sourcing candidates and recruiting e.g. such as gamification. Finding the right candidate will require a great deal of flexibility.

The ideal candidate

Often a recruiter running multiple processes at once needs to make hiring decisions quickly. Making a deal with the wrong candidate and subsequent turnover generates costs. To avoid this risk and facilitate their work, HR departments are introducing online tests and questionnaires where they can set higher requirements and very quickly verify the fit of a potential candidate to our profile.

Social media recruitment

A recruiter’s job can no longer be limited to placing an ad. Nowadays, employees need to be actively sourced by reaching out through various media. Social media allow us to build a relationship with a potential candidate, improve the image and recognition of the company and reduce distance. Activities must be systematic and long-term, which unfortunately also means time-consuming.

Aneta Sznicer

Aneta Sznicer

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