Candidate selection methods and techniques.

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During the selection process, we gather information about the candidates applying for a position in our organization. This information helps us predict how they will perform in our organization. Selection is, broadly speaking, the process of selecting an employee by rejecting candidates who do not meet the requirements for the job. We distinguish between the following selection methods:

Analysis of the candidate’s CV

Curriculum Vitae, application forms, biographical questionnaires
Interview Knowledge Tests, assessment centers, simulation techniques, reference checks.

Knowledge tests ( recruitment tests)

In the process of recruitment and selection of personnel, so-called selection tests are also sometimes used to obtain information on the level of intelligence, personal characteristics, abilities, inclinations, and achievements. So-called task tests, i.e. work samples, are also often used, which allow the future employer to check the specific professional skills of the candidates. Candidates for assistant positions may be given a task to complete under time pressure, such as formatting and editing text in Word or preparing a PowerPoint presentation using a specific template.

Assessment Centre

Assessment Centre also referred to as the assessment center or assessment center, is a more comprehensive approach to employee selection. This method emphasizes candidate behavior. It is conducted using exercises that simulate key job dimensions. It is often combined with interviews and tests. A properly conducted Assessment can provide a more reliable prediction of an employee’s future performance.

Simulation tasks

Simulation tasks or exercises are one of the recruitment techniques used during both the interview and Assessment Centre. Their main purpose is to test how a candidate will cope with a task that is as close as possible to real situations they may encounter at work. Based on the candidate’s behavior during the simulation task, an inference is made about his or her ability to cope with an analogous situation at work.

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