Assertiveness – the key to success

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When you think of the word “assertiveness”, you probably imagine being able to say no.



There is nothing strange about it, because it is basically the easiest way to explain the meaning of the word. I would like to explain it more extensively and focus on the consequences of using it. So let’s get started.






You are a consistent person when it comes to your beliefs and values. You don’t change your mind very easily. You are able to express your opinion on a given topic firmly and clearly and to share your opinion. You are honest with yourself and the people around you. You answer their comments or questions according to each other and you are not afraid of your own opinions. No one is able to influence your opinion if you think it is right. You listen to every suggestion you make and analyze it, and then you decide if it is right.




If you think about yourself when reading this description, it means that you are an assertive person. You should be very happy, because looking at society, you are a minority.




Considering our society as one whole, I can say one thing:








We are undecided, full of doubts and fear.

We are afraid of changes in life, forgetting that change is the only constant that surrounds us. We are afraid of development and we think negatively.

Much of this behaviour comes from a lack of assertiveness. We are the ones who direct all these aspects.

Do we want more and more constant changes in life?

Let’s create circumstances to implement them, because what is change?






Development and progress, usually in the positive direction. I agree, there may be situations for us that have a negative impact on a given moment in life, but thanks to them we learn from our mistakes and try to avoid further bad decisions. Therefore, every change, regardless of its rightness, will be educating for us and on the other hand, the fear of it will be destructive.




And negative thinking?

What does it provide?

Is it motivating?

Or demotivating?




I would guess demotivating.


Have you ever wondered why there are so many negative thoughts in our minds? Is it because of a low sense of value? Is it more because of the fear ingrained in our heads? Fear of the unknown, because this is what we fear most, and this applies to the thread that was raised earlier. We are afraid of things that we are not sure about. We are afraid of risk, and in order to achieve anything, we have to take risks. Otherwise we will be passive, cautious and we will never even know what we have lost through our inner fear. We’ll start to regret it, but it will be too late. And what is worse in life than feeling sorry? Regretting that we didn’t dare. Living with the conviction that our lives could be completely different. Let us not be afraid of life, what awaits us is already planned.




Start with small things and try to overcome your fear, and then, when you do, share it with the world and show your assertiveness.






Aneta Sznicer

Aneta Sznicer

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