The cycle: I take care of my health (INTRODUCTION)

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The series: I take care of my health is the perfect motivation for anyone who wants to change their life.

To change your eating habits, introduce a dose of exercise into your daily life. In short, the cycle aims to improve the quality of your life both physically and mentally. If you are interested in psychology, you are surely aware that our physical functioning is strongly reflected in our psyche – and vice versa, too. The psyche affects stress levels, contributes to eating disorders, and much more.

The first part of the series will look at how we eat.

You will learn:

-what impact does what you eat have on your well-being?

-how do you distribute your meals throughout the day?

-what nutrients improve your brain function?

-how do you hydrate properly and what are the consequences of not drinking enough fluids?

Part one …

will focus on our body from the inside out. All the nutrients you take in from food are extremely important for your healthy functioning. After this part of the series, you will know exactly what to avoid and what to take in to feel even better!

The second part of the series …

will be about physical activity. You will find out how much sport you need per week and how its frequency floats your health. You will get a list of the healthiest physical exercises that you can do regularly without contraindications. We will also talk about meditation exercises based on breath control. You will learn how you can quickly relax and reduce stress. The second part of the series will make you realize how important physical activity is in life. You will also know how and with what frequency to exercise to improve your quality of life.

Part three …

will be based on a discussion of the impact of stimulants on quality of life. The focus here will be on alcohol, cigarettes, and cannabis. In this part, you will realize how these mentioned psychoactive substances affect your quality of life, among other things, the quality of your sleep. Oh, I almost forgot! We will also be focusing here on the quality of your sleep. You will work on maximizing the quality of your sleep and eliminating all the factors that can make you wake up sleep-deprived, or the night, not what it should be.

The final part …

will be a summary directed at practice. At the very beginning, you will have the chance to do a short text that will determine your level of health. You will then create your training plan, completely personalized to you. In addition, you will take into account your meals and, more importantly, the nutritional values you consume. You will also pay attention to the impact of sleep on your satisfaction and energy levels. After a week of applying your new habits, you will be asked to complete the health test again.

Systematicity and regularity are key factors to achieving your plans. In your case, it is the same. If you want to be healthy and live a long life, it is important to find internal motivation and maintain it for as long as possible. It is in this aspect that I will try to help you.

If you would like to receive a certificate for completing the cycle:

  1. Go to “contact”
  2. Fill in your contact information.
  3. In the subject line, write “Diploma – Cycle: I take care of my health”.
  4. Up to one week, after you send your message, we will send you a certificate of completion of the cycle by email! ?
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