The cycle: I and my emotions (INTRODUCTION)

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The series: I and my emotions are about a trip to an amusement park and enjoying the biggest roller coasters.

You will learn what emotions are, how to control them, and how to recognize them. We will also talk about your loved ones, how their emotions affect you and how your emotions affect them. Emotions are one component of you. They are an incredibly important aspect of everyone’s life. Learn to treat them as a friend, not an enemy. Let them start working with you!

Who is the series aimed at me and my emotions?

All people who have trouble expressing their emotions – whether reserved, emotionally cold, or overly explosive – can confidently benefit from the cycle. All those who want to get along better with those around them and calm down internally. Everyone is interested in self-development. Everyone can benefit from the cycle: me and my emotions. You can also benefit!

What will I learn from the series?

The cycle will be divided into 4 parts. This will enable you to learn more easily and to have time between parts to do different exercises, quizzes, or puzzles! There will be lots of activities!

The first part of the series will focus on what emotions are. We will talk about stress, tension, fear, satisfaction, and joy. You will have the opportunity to discover which emotions in your life are crucial, and which emotions rule you. Or do you rule them? We will also master techniques for dealing with sudden surges of emotion. At the very end, you will have the opportunity to make a self-administered hierarchy of emotions, which will help you to understand yourself!

The second part of the series will be based on recognizing emotions in others. We will consider together which emotions are most common in the environment you surround yourself with. You will learn in this part how other people’s emotions affect you and, conversely, how your emotions affect others. In this part we will focus on observation, you will have a very interesting and developmental task that will help you to understand other people. This understanding, in turn, will correlate with your emotions. You will see for yourself.

In the third part of the series, we will discuss the concept of empathy and emotional intelligence. Here we will focus on the intensity of our emotions and our ability to understand the emotions of another person. You will also learn how empathy affects you and whether it can be linked to negative experiences in the future. Towards the end of the part, you will be answering a highly controversial question… your opinion is important to us!

The last part of the series will be a summary of all the knowledge you have gained. Here there will be time for more practice. You will do an analysis of your emotions, hour by hour, for one day. You will then see and realize the question at the very beginning of the cycle: do you rule your emotions or do they rule you? You will also have the opportunity to feel like a real actor! First the rehearsals and then the main performance! Curious about this?

Take advantage of the series: Me and emotions! Experience, learn, and gain life knowledge! All this is with you in mind.

To receive a certificate for completing the cycle:

  1. Go to “contact”
  2. Fill in your contact information.
  3. In the subject line, write “Diploma – Cycle: I take care of my health”.
  4. Up to one week after your message, we will send you a certificate of completion of the cycle by email! ?

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